»But would that be a good line for the eulogy at a funeral: he always stayed cool? I don’t know.«

Christian Sauer „The World At Your Feet“ (Bewegung)

We believe that good stories can change society. At Froh! Magazine we seek out the playgrounds of everyday life and tell stories about people who shape their environments:

A teacher who lends his car to strangers and gets a surprise; a man who sits on a mailbox all day and almost triggers an uprising; a desert town in Utah that has its water turned off by the NSA; two people who go on the final journey of their lives, and a designer living in a favela who has to start over again every day – and yet still makes progress.

Froh! was launched in 2008, and is still independent, non-profit, and advert-free.


“Froh! lives up to its name, because to give yourself over to this type of literary journalism makes you glad to be alive.”

Roger Willemsen



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