Dr. Sebastian Pranz

Chairman, editorial office

Sebastian Pranz (*1979) promovierte in Mediensoziologie und beschäftigt sich als Publizist mit Erzählformen für Gesellschaften im Wandel. Als Mitgründer des Vereins, ist er bei FROH vor allem als Journalist und Projektentwickler tätig. Sebastian ist Professor für Journalistik und Unternehmenskommunikation an der Macromedia Hochschule in Stuttgart und lebt mit seiner Familie in Köln.



Klaus Neuburg

Chairman, Kreation

Klaus Neuburg (*1977) studierte Architektur in Aachen. Obwohl er seit über 10 Jahren als Gestalter arbeitet, ist er der Meinung, dass ein Magazin genauso aufgebaut sein sollte wie ein Haus. Seine Arbeit an FROH! wurde 2011 mit dem red dot design award ausgezeichnet.
Außerdem ist Klaus als Dozent an der Ruhrakademie Universität beschäftigt und unterhält gemeinsam mit Sebastian das BUERO ZOO in Köln, ein Büro für nachhaltiges Corporate Publishing. Klaus lebt mit seiner Familie in der Kölner Südstadt.



Fabian Weiss

Visual Storytelling

Fabian Weiss (*1986) works as a photojournalist for national and international media. His personal projects deal with the question of how cultural changes affect the structures of personal and everyday lives. For FROH! Fabian looks after the international workshop series Publish Yourself and is a lecturer in Visual Storytelling. Fabian is also currently a guest professor at the HFBK Hamburg.



Jeannette Weber


Jeannette Weber (*1983) is a designer and facilitator. She holds a MA in Integrated Design and comes from a career in visual communication, academic teaching and design research. As Board Member of Froh! she has been most interested in design as a mode of inquiry into emerging issues of society, urban life and culture. She currently works out of Amsterdam.



Simon Roth

Art Direction

Simon Roth is a graphic designer based in Cologne. He works on a wide range of commissioned and self-directed projects such as editorial design, posters, web design, workshops, identities and type design. Simon is art director and board member of the journalistic NGO Froh!. He also teaches Conceptual design at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal, besides he is a member of the exhibition space Strizzi, where he curates exhibitions on an irregular basis.



Christian Kunz

Web development

After various positions as an art director, Christian Kunz (*1980) began as a freelancer for Digital Interaction Design in 2008. His studio Design am Main deftly juggles apps and apple wine, websites, eShops, and marinaded German hand cheese. He has been responsible for the FROH! website since the magazine’s first edition, and has designed three re-launches.



Bessie Normand

Design, Project Management

Bessie studierte Gestaltung an der Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen und arbeitet bei FROH als Gestalterin und Projektkoordinatorin



Liisi Mölder


Liisi ist Filmemacherin und Video Journalistin. Sie entwickelt multimediale Erzählstücke für Kunden und unabhängige Projekte. Liisi kommt aus Estland, lebt aber derzeit In Österreich wo sie als Journalistin arbeitet. Liisi ist bei Froh! für die Multimedia-Dokumentation zuständig.



Ben Knight

English editor

Ben Knight (*1976) is a freelance journalist and translator in Berlin. He writes mainly in English, but can also do it in German. For FROH! he has honed his chessboxing skills, inspected Stalin’s train carriage, and tried to get into the biggest data storage centre in the world (he nearly made it into the car park). He also translated our Transit issue.



Dirk Brall


Dirk Brall (*1975) studied creative writing in Hildesheim, where he is currently director of the Literaturhaus St. Jakobi. Dirk is the author of plays, short stories, and novels, and is convinced that people are still best inspired by stories. He has been publisher at FROH! since its foundation.



Christopher Peterka

Advisory board, advisor

Christopher Peterka (*1978) is an autodidact, cyborg, father of two children, and likes to work at airports. He founded the first of so far ten companies at the age of sixteen. Since 2002, he has mainly been occupying himself with the internet, about whose function and effect he has one or two things to say.
Organizations that want to hear more about that book him and his partners for lectures, or consultancy, or go on expeditions with gannaca. At the moment he is guiding FROH! on its path into the digital world – and relies on the spirit and love of the community.